The Orchard Park Police Emergency Response Team (ERT) was founded in 1992 as the need for different tactics to handle specific situations was recognized. Today, the team is comprised of members of the department trained in specialty assignments, such as responding to dangerous incidents involving barricaded armed subjects, high-risk warrant execution and suspect apprehension, hostage rescue, protection of dignitaries, and other highly-specialized assignments.
The Orchard Park ERT is led by Co-Commanders Captain Gregory Sheppard and Lieutenant Michael Mackey. All ERT members have completed four weeks of specialized training across the state, which qualifies them to be on the team. Along with regular training, ERT utilizes a variety of equipment to complete tasks. The Orchard Park ERT also trains with teams from other jurisdictions to be as prepared as possible for large-scale critical incidents. Members stay fluent in nationwide strategies that are working for others and regularly tweak tactics to stay ahead of the curve.