The Town of Orchard Park Dispatch Center is staffed by ten full-time dispatchers with additional part-time positions and is located within the Orchard Park Police Department. These dispatchers serve as the first point of contact during emergency and non-emergency situations.

Our Public Safety Dispatchers are unsworn, civil service employees that are responsible for receiving emergency/non-emergency telephone and walk-in communication, dispatching appropriate resources to requests for service, processing court paperwork, and a number of other duties. They are in constant communication with multiple agencies across Erie County, New York State, the United States, and other countries.

Public Safety Dispatchers provide dispatching services to the Town and Village of Orchard Park. They dispatch appropriate resources from the Orchard Park Police Department, as well as appropriate resources for Fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) from the Orchard Park/Hillcrest/Windom Fire Companies, and Orchard Park District EMS, Inc.

In 2022, our Public Safety Dispatchers fielded 45,277 calls for service. Of these calls, 40,271 were for police, and 5,006 were for fire and/or EMS (Emergency Medical Services). The dispatchers answered 37,582 phone calls with 6,099 of those calls being to 911. The National Emergency Number Association sets the national standard that 90% of 911 calls should be answered within 15 seconds. The Orchard Park Dispatch Center exceeds the national standard by answering over 98% of 911 calls in less than 15 seconds.

The Dispatch Center also serves as the point of contact after hours for Town and Village agencies including, but not limited to, Animal Control, Highway, Sewer and Lighting, and Building Inspectors.

In the event of an Emergency, ALWAYS dial 911. For non-emergencies or questions, dial 716-662-6444, extension 1.

Click here for information on becoming a Public Safety Dispatcher.